Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy has been created to ensure Lead Solutions' commitment regarding security and privacy of its clients. We recommend periodical returns to this document, since it is updated frequently.

This document aims to clarify how Lead Solutions gathers and use your data:

1. All information our clients give to us are collected and kept accordingly to the most rigid standards of safety and confidentiality.

2. The information that are given to us will be collected by ethical and legal means, and may serve one or more purposes, about which the users will be informed.

3. The decision of giving or not those information is responsibility of the user, who will be informed about the consequences of this decision.

4. The collected information will be not transferred to others or used for purposes other than the agreed, except in case of judicial determination. However, those information may be used under some circumstances for analyzing customers' behavior and/or profile.

5. The access to the information will be granted exclusively to authorized personnel, and whomever misuses them will be subjected to the penalties established in our compliance rules.

6. Whenever a third-party organization is hired for some reason, they will be demanded to obey our privacy standards.

7. We provide to the users several contact channels for solving problems or questions, through or customer support. We are not responsible for the exchange of confidential information by e-mail or any other means.

8. Provision of Login and Password. Login and Password data will be only sent to the e-mail address registered in our database. Under no circumstances these data will be provided by telephone. Passwords are encrypted and cannot be decrypted; thus, if a user forgets his/her password, he/she must ask us for a temporary password. and change it once he/she access one of our sites and/or applications. If the user gives a valid e-mail address to be used for login, it will never be transferred to third-parties for commercial or advertising purposes.

9. The initial registration of the users, as well as its periodical maintenances and updates, will follow the rules depicted on the contract between Lead Solutions and their organizations. The end-users are co-responsible for the usage security of our sites, portals, and/or applications. The password must be kept private and confidential; besides, we advise not to share this data with other people. If such mistake happens, Lead Solutions will not be held responsible for any damage eventually caused to the data, and will not accept any penalty or sanction.

10. In order to avoid any kind of problem, stay always informed through the notices and announcements issued by Lead Solutions and published in our portals and/or sent by e-mail.